Waist Training – Does it Work

Waist trainingDoes Waist Training Work?

It seems the camps are divided over whether waist training does actually work. If you listen to the celebs who swear by it, you will be assured that it’s the best thing since sliced bread to achieve a smaller waist and a flatter stomach – whereby the medical society tell us that not only does it not work, but it can actually be dangerous to our health.

Waist trainers and steel boned corsets have been around for centuries enabling women to ‘shink’ their waists and gain an hourglass figure to become ‘more attractive’. There have been many changes in corset styles throughout history, however these uncomfortable garments went out of fashion in the early 50’s and were usually worn only by burlesque dancers or in fetish circles. Although more comfortable plastic boned corsets have been fashionable for the last few years, the recent revival for rigid waist training corsets has been bought on by celebrities being snapped wearing them and raving about their beneficial effects.

There are two types of waist training, one is the use of tightly laced steel boned corsets whereby you would wear it up to 6 or more hours a day whilst going about your normal activities, gradually tightening or reducing the size over a long period of time, or the more recent ‘celeb’ way of using them whilst exercising.

The exercise trend incorporates the use of workout cinchers, usually made from stronger materials than traditional corsets such as latex waist cinchers used during your workouts. The goal is to reduce the waistline, tone the midsection by strenghtening the abdominal muscles and help prevent putting strain on your back. The heat generated within your body will cause more perspiration, burn more fat, and help your body rid itself of unwanted toxins and impurities.

It sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Just go to your normal exercise class wearing a tight boned rubber garment around your waist. Well, its not really that simple – waist training requires discipline, quite a lot of discomfort, and extreme difficultly in moving naturally.

Waist training is a gradual process and you are not going to lose inches off your waist immediately. Your body needs to be accustomed to wearing a trainer and ‘broken in’ accordingly. Start by wearing your garment for short periods and increase the length of time gradually until you feel comfortable wearing it for hours at a time. When you get to this stage, tighten it (either by using the next tightest set of hook & eye settings on your latex waist cincher, or lacing tighter with corset), or buy another one a size smaller. This is a gradual process and trying to rush it may cause you health problems and more discomfort than is ‘necessary’. For best results, have a couple of cinchers / corsets on the go at any one time so each one can be thoroughly cleaned and rested.

It may feel like wearing an external gastric band, but persevere and the end result could be well worth the physical discomfort if you can achieve a sexy hourglass silhouette.

Doctors tell us that attempting a pin up figure comes at a price and how damaging the cinching technique can be – not to mention that they do not believe that waist training in this manner works at all! Here are some points made by the medical profession to bear in mind before you embark on training:

  • Wearing a waist-cinching garment during exercise restricts your mobility as well as your ability to take full, deep breaths.
  • The stomach can be pushed upward, which can cause hearburn / indigestion.
  • The lungs can become compressed, causing breathing difficulties
  • Other organs such as kidneys or liver can be squashed, which may decrease their ability to function correctly.
  • Can cause fractured or bent ribs.

Extending the life of your Waist Cincher – if you decide to go for it after reading the above 🙂

  • Clean carefully with a damp sponge & mild detergent. Water can damage Latex so do not soak.
    Wipe rather than rub.
  • Dry naturally. Do not dry over a radiator or other heat, although a warm setting from a hairdryer can help if you need it in a hurry.
  • Don’t dry in sunlight, it will make it brittle.
  • Fold when putting away so it keeps its shape.

So do Waist Trainers Work? I believe they can as long as you are sensible, follow advice, and don’t over do it. Your body is its own best judge so if it feels too tight, loosen it for a while, if you can’t breath, take it off for a while ect. ect. Cinching isn’t for everyone, so try it and if you don’t like it – stop, simple. For those that follow though with a training regime, good luck and send us a photo!


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