Does Plus Size Hosiery mean Plus Sized Prices?

Plus size holdups from Glamory hosieryPlus Size Stockings from Glamory Hosiery

I was a little disappointed after releasing my latest Tweet yesterday in respect of Glamory’s plus size stockings , to find a response from one of my #BBW followers saying that they wouldn’t pay these prices in a million years.

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ springs to mind here, okay a simple pair of seamed stockings are £8.95, and holdups up to £17.95 (all shipping is free from our site) but personally I don’t think that’s overly expensive considering the quality of this hosiery and they are certainly not the highest prices I have seen.   The silicone bands on the holdup styles will ensure that they stay up as long as you do and the sizes on all stocking styles  (which are offered on all styles up to a UK 36 / EU 62) are ‘true’, so ensure a perfect fit with no ‘sagging’ or ‘stretching’.

Whether you are prepared to pay a higher price depends really on what you want them for.  If you need a pair of stockings for a one off modelling shoot / photo shot which may never be worn a second time, or if you know they are going to be ripped straight back off again, then fair enough buy a cheaper pair, but for your own regular use in my opinion it is worth paying that bit more.

Many hosiery manufacturers are still in the dark ages when it comes to sizing with the majority still offering S, M or L which are aimed at average sized ladies, not curvy or taller women or male wearers, many of whom also need larger sizes.  US based Leg Avenue produce some great designs but 90% are only available in ‘regular’, with a splattering of ‘Queen’ sizes in a few products – same with Elegant Moments.

As also mentioned in the Tweet reply  ‘at my size I don’t get much choice‘ – (she is a UK 22) yes I agree, it’s hard to find a good variety of styles in the larger sizes and for those available there’s a price to pay if you want stockings that fit well, stay in place and be washed without any shrinkage.

Unfortunately, it does seem that for that little bit of extra nylon, prices are just that little bit higher but in many cases it is worth paying that bit extra for good quality true plus size stockings.  Maybe this will change in the future as more manufacturers produce larger sizes and the plus size hosiery industry becomes more competitive.   There is an article on The Lingerie Journal that sums up the Glamory range that may be worth reading if you want to know more about the individual styles with tips on wear to wear them and what to wear them with.

If you have previously bought a pair from the Glamory range, please leave your feedback to let us know what you think of them.


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