Holdup Stockings

Stay up, or hold-up stockings are a great alternative to traditional stockings as they can be worn without the inconvenience of a suspender belt. Kept in place by elasticated silicon bands, a pair of holdups give the glamour, elegance and sexiness of a pair of stockings but without the fear of suspender clips failing.

Choosing the correct size is important as a too-tight band will cause ‘overhang’, and too loose may cause your stockings to slip down. It is also advisable to avoid using any lotions or creams before wearing as these may loosen the silicon grip. Our gorgeous selection of hold up stockings come with free shipping in a selection of sizes, colours and styles enabling our customers to choose exactly what is right for them. Whether you prefer a deep luxurious lace top, a retro style seam with cuban heel, or a sexy fishnet we have a variety of stay-ups for daywear and nightwear.

The coating on the silicon band can deteriorate and lose its tackiness over time. To revive the band, wash and dry the silicon removing any film that has built up.

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