How to bring Couples Closer – 13 Simple Ideas

13 Simple Relationship Boosts to Help Bring Couples Closer

Been drifting apart from your partner a bit lately – not quite as close as you once were?

We believe great lingerie is the answer to many a problem but sadly it doesn’t work for everything so we’ve searched around for other answers that may help.  13 may be unlucky for some, but if you follow our tips we think it WILL be lucky for you!

Firstly work on building your friendship.

Focus on enjoying each others company, don’t forget that you are also friends, not just partners. Make a point of seeking out each other’s company. Have a hobby together, this can be anything in the world. Sit down together & scroll through websites, decide what you both might enjoy & sign up to a taster day. If you don’t like it, try something else! Keep looking until you find something you both really enjoy together & really connect over. If you’re stuck for ideas or on a budget then check this site out for 100 hobby ideas.

Build a strong family connection.

Keep in mind that inviting the mother & father in law over on a reasonably regular bases will do wonders for your relationship. Not only will it supress the need to indulge in a bucket of alcohol on Christmas day to make the day more bearable, but having a strong relationship with the parents will improve your connection with your partner. Remember they are 2 of the most important persons in your partners life. If the parents love you then so will your partner.

1 on 1 time.

1 on 1 time is ESSENTIAL in a healthy relationship, & no, this doesn’t mean lounging on the sofa watching your favourite soap. In fact, remove the TV altogether. While you’re at it, put away your phones. You want to eliminate distractions & make your partner your number 1 focus.

12 great ideas to bring couples closerSet a date night

Once a week or once a fortnight go to the cinema, go for a country drive, or book a table at a romantic restaurant have couple of glasses of wine & ramble about old memories rather than the usual day to day discussions. Keep the young love alive!

Show your appreciation

When you wake up in the morning, tell your partner good morning, give them a kiss, offer them a cup of tea. The same goes for when you get in from work, don’t begin by complaining about it being a long day or being stuck in a queue on the M25. Come home in a good mood,  give your partner a cuddle, say “its lovely to see you”. Another way to show your appreciation is to offer your partner a massage. See where that leads!

Have a snuggle morning.

Whichever days suits you both best. Don’t jump straight out of bed, instead spend 30 minutes or so having a snuggle morning. Wrap up warm together, show how much you love one another.
Cuddling is known to strengthen a relationships and bring couples closer so emotional and physical connection & should be practised whenever possible.

Yoga for relationshipsExercise together

Exercising is a must for both your mood & sex life. Whether it be twice a week or 15 minutes a day, make sure you get in some exercise during the week. Exercise is widely known to increase dopemine & endorphines in the brain. Exercise more & you will undoubtedly have a better sex life. Your confidence will boost, your sex drive will boost, your energy will boost – overall strengthening the relationship. I particularly recommend yoga. Yoga has several benefits to your sex life physically, mentally & emotionally. Yoga reduces stress and fatigue, helps you be in the present, heightens your body awareness as well as makes you more flexible, just to name a few.

Have something to look forward to

Plan something exciting together! This can be anything from a hot week away in Florida to a relaxing weekend break at a spa or even something you’ve never done before that you can experience together – like jumping out of an airplane. Hire a vintage car for the day and go for a picnic, go swimming in the sea or a local river fully clothed,  book a day trip on the Norfolk broads – there are so many ways to enjoy time together.  Just give yourselves something to look forward to, something to get excited about & plan together. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive. There are loads of sites such as Wowcher where you will find amazing deals for an endless amount of activities & fun stuff to do.

Be spontaneous

On the other hand, don’t plan something exciting together! Be spontaneous. plan something alone that you can surprise your partner with on the spot. A surprise romantic candle lit meal waiting for your partner on their return from work perhaps ? Or an unexpected trip to where you first met? You could buy them a gift – it doesn’t need to be their birthday for you to give them a little something. As long as its not going to break the bank, next time you spot something in a shop which you know your partner will just love then why not surprise them with it!

Create the mood

Rather than flicking on the 60w bulb dangling from your ceiling, light some candles (You have already gotten rid of your TV so no need to turn it off). A little trick is to turn the heating up. The warmer you both are the more your muscles will relax. Suddenly you may just find that you’re feeling a little more sexual than you were before!

sexy lingerie can help couples in the bedroomSlip into something more “comfortable”

For some, hot lingerie & stockings will most definitely do the trick. A lapdance & a tease while wearing some sexy lingerie such as stockings and suspenders will without a doubt raise the levels of excitement in the bedroom.  A woman feels far more confident when she is wearing gorgeous lingerie that fits well and looks great – her man will appreciate not only the sight of his partner wearing it, but her boost in confidence will act as a turn on for him.

Sloooow down

Whats the rush ? Relax! Spend as much time as possible on foreplay. Your experiences together will be far more gratifying.

Discuss your fantasies

Go deep & really explore one anothers desires. Tapping in to each others fantasies will create intimacy & will without a doubt bring you and your partner closer together.

Working on becoming a closer couple doesn’t have to be hard work, in fact our 13 tips are just the beginning – have fun and enjoy yourself.


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    I totally love this! My wife is my best friend, and we’re coming up on our 3rd year anniversary. We may not exactly follow the suggestions & points listed here, but we most definitely make our relationship work. We talk, laugh, and communicate very often, and there’s certainly no question on the love we have for each other.

    Now there’s one thing I do want to mention though, about what was said regarding slipping into something more comfortable. I absolutely love the look of lingerie, but my wife isn’t into that stuff, and I love & respect her for that. But what’s interesting about my appreciation for lingerie though, is that I want to be the one in said comfortable clothing. My wife already knows and accepts the fact that I enjoy crossdressing, plus she’s contributed to my current collection of bras and panties. And after having seen what you offer on the website, there’s much more that I want to get!


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